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Listen to the story of Hälsingland Farmhouses

Now there are a CD audio guide that tells about the farms and places along the Hälsingland Farm Trail.

Your journey - 28 km in all - starts at Hälsingegården Ol-Anders, Farm in Alfta near route 50 and leads you past Hälsingegården Löka, Farm in the village of Gundbo, througt the villages of Näsbyn, Långhed, Vängsbo, Knåda, Roteberg, Ullungsfors and ends at Hälsingegården Mårtes, Farm in Edsbyn.

The trail winds through villages and parishes that are home of the largest farmhouses, the ones with the most magnificent porches and extravagantly painted interiors. You will make several stops along the way, all marked on the map. At every stop there is an information board and a recording for you to listen to on the CD. Enjoy your journey along the Hälsingland Farm Trail!


Listen to a sample from CD

Here you can order CD with audio guide and map.
The disc and the map are available in Swedish and in English.

Price: 100 SEK. incl. VAT.

Payment Terms: Invoice 30 days.

Send your name and adress to:

Edsbyn & Alfta Tourism

828 80 Edsbyn

Email : gudrun.aj @

Do you have any questions please contact:
Gudrun Axman Jumisko, 0271-571 04

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