Gundbo and its surrounding villages

Leaving Alfta, the trail heads north through fertile farming country with a great number of big, well-preserved farms dating from the early to late 19th century. The most valuable village environments in terms of cultural heritage are Långhed and Näsbyn, but Gundbo and the villages to the east of it are also important. The farms have commanding positions on hills and uplands around the meandering Hässjaån stream.

A hill in the village of Gundbo is the location of the farm Löka, a three-sided farm which functions as the
Alfta Heritage Association’s Heritage Centre.

The farm Löka
The farm Löka
Photograph: Ingalill Tengvall

Along the trail you can also see how master builder Jonas Holm’s cowsheds and farmhouses, which date from the turn of the last century, harmonise with older buildings. Thanks to Jonas Holm, the big Hälsingland farmhouses came to be built in a new, more practical architectural style. The farmhouse, brewery shed and cowshed were all linked, and simplicity and rationalism were the order of the day.


Text Ingalill Tengvall


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