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Information stations

There will be ten information stations along the trail, where you can park your car and read about the road and its history. The map shows the location of these stations. See below.


The map shows the location of these stations

Illustration Åsa Jägergård
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                             1 Alfta, by Ol-Anders farm 
                             2 Alfta, by the church                 

                             3 Gundbo, by Löka farm 
                             4 Långhed by the village hall
                             5 Vängsbo by the pond 

                            6 Knåda by Roprabron
                            7 Roteberg by the country shop

                            8 Ullungsfors at Rotebergsvägen
                            9 Edsbyn by Dina Arena
                          10 Edsbyn by Mårtes farm



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