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Ol-Anders   Löka   Mårtes


Löka in Gundbo, Alfta
The farm Löka in Alfta
Picture: Lars Lööv


Löka is a farm that is open to the public during the summer months. It will be signposted with a brown
and white tourist attraction sign. Alfta Heritage Association only bought the farm in the 1950s, but had been using it since 1923. Prior to that, the farm had been handed down within one family since the early 17th century. The farm also has a Heritage Museum which is open in summer.


Löka farm sits on a hill – a typical traditional position for farms.


Detail of old craddle at Löka     Barns and stores at Löka
Detail of old craddle                                                    Barns and stores

Interiors from Löka     Details of wall painting at Löka

Interiors from  Löka.                                                   Details of the vivid wall paintings at the farm

Foton Lars Lööv


Alfta hembygdsförening

Contact information: 0271–107 30.



Text Ingalill Tengvall


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