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Ol-Anders   Löka   Mårtes


Mårtes in Edsbyn

Mårtes, Ovanåker Heritage Association’s centre, is located in the middle of the village
Photograph: Lars Lööv

The Mårtes farm

Mårtes farm is in the heart of the village, and Ovanåker Heritage Association’s heritage centre. It contains buildings and objects collected by the Association, which was formed in 1915. The farm was named Mårtes because of the magnificent farmhouse that was moved here in 1921 from Mårtes farm, which was on the opposite side of the road (now Hembydsgatan street). The farm is most famous for its Baroque-style 18th century paintings in the ‘men’s cottage’, pained by Hälsingland painter Jonas Hertman. Mårtes is open to the public during the summer months. The Heritage Association also runs the Edsbyn Museum.

Helga beside the monkey painting                          Helga beside the painting of her parents
Helga beside the monkey painting                               Helga beside the painting of her parents
Photographs: Esbjörn Käll

Helga Olsson was born on Mårtes farm in 1908 and moved away from it when she was 10. The farm was moved to its current location a few years later. Helga, now 99, still visits the farm to look at the monkey painting in the ‘men's cottage’ and the painting of her parents that hangs in one of the rooms.



Information: Alfta and Edsbyn Tourist Office, tel. 0271-556 61.


Text Ingalill Tengvall


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