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Ol-Anders   Löka   Mårtes


Ol-Anders farm in Alfta
Ol-Anders farm in Alfta
Photograph: Lars Lööv


Ol-Anders is a visitor centre and Hälsingland farm that is open to visitors, and an emigrant museum. Alfta and Edsbyn Tourist Office is also located here. As one of the Hälsingland farms that is most frequently open, Ol-Anders is signposted with a brown and white tourist attraction sign. This farm will be an important visitor centre in a future World Heritage Site.

Open on weekdays throughout the year, the farm holds the municipality’s tourist office, an emigrant museum, a café, a craft shop and a crazy golf course. Guided tours are provided of Ol-Anders farm.
The House of Emigrants carries out genealogical and emigration research and also has function rooms for hire.


Information: Alfta and Edsbyn Tourist Office, tel. 0271-200 22.


Text Ingalill Tengvall


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