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The project

The project is owned by Ovanåker Municipality and is co-funded by LEADER+ ‘Intryck Hälsingland’

Progress to date

The Culture Trail project was organised in November–December 2006.

A steering group was appointed and a project manager recruited.

The general public has been informed in village meetings and via articles and reports in newspapers and on the radio.

Article in Ljusnan
Article in Ljusnan



The village meetings and other cooperation with individual villagers, associations and others resulted in the production of an Action Plan for the Culture Trail project. Clear objectives for the project were produced on this basis.



The general bublic was informed in Långhed


The work began with a meeting in Långhed Heritage Centre to which the entire population of the municipality was invited. The project, project leader, steering group and project group were all introduced,  contact lists were drawn up and information was provided about forthcoming village meetings.

Village meetings were then held in Gundbo/Näsbyn/Långhed, Vängsbo, Knåda and Roteberg. At each meeting, villagers worked to produce proposals, and their views on the project's proposals and ideas were collected.

The general bublic was informed.

Information signs                                                     

Signpost frames were made by Metallprodukter                                Information sign

Signpost frames were made by Metallprodukter                          Information sign
in Edsbyn.                                                                      
Photographs: Ingalill Tengvall

10 information signs >>> 

( Note to English speakers: the information at these stations is in Swedish. )


Environmental and building preservation work

Barns and other buildings along the trail will be renovated. Vegetation will be removed and grazing agreements established with livestock owners. A plan for action to be taken along the trail has been established and the work has been organised and initiated. During the first period, the area around the left bank of Ullungen lake has been completed and barns in Alfta Östra Kyrkby have been renovated. All this work is being done in cooperation with landowners along the trail, and on the basis of wishes presented at village meetings.


Barns along the trail                               Visiting landowners along the trail

Barns along the trail.                                                                            Visiting landowners along the trail.
Photographs: Ingalill Tengvall                                                                                                                


Visitors at the farm Jon-Lars in Långhed        Visitors at the farm Jon-Lars in Långhed 
Visitors at the farm Jon-Lars in Långhed
Photographs: Lars Lööv
Text Ingalill Tengvall


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